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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Keeler Over

I don't like Bill Keeler.

For me, it goes back decades. My favorite Central NY radio personality was Bill Wightman. He jumped from 104 to 107 on the FM dial (which were different formats at the time) and then left upstate radio altogether and seems to have relocated to Boston. Bill Keeler was the replacement.

Bill Keeler disappeared from the area himself, went to bigger markets, failed and returned to the area. He didn't get any better. He managed to ruin my morning drive again when he replaced Don Imus on WXUR 92.7 before being fired, yet again. Mind you, WXUR brought Imus back after his 2007 removal by his synidcator. Now, they have Bob and Tom, which is only marginally better than Keeler.

Remember Keeler's TV show? I didn't think so.

After being canned from WXUR and doing internet radio in what I assume was his garage, Keeler is now annoying me yet again on WIBX. He's the newest member of the "First News" morning show, taking the airwaves by storm with factually inaccurate information about guns and then lurching in the other direction with a parody, er, tribute song supposedly supporting Remington Arms in the New York gun legislation battle. I can almost hear Kristine Bellino cringe every time Bill talks to her.

Aside from complaints about his back and uncomfortable interviews with local newsmakers, Keeler touted his big get of Rob Pilatus, the still living half of Milli Vanilli following the beyonce lip sync story. This is the new face of radio news in Central New York.

I need to get me an iPod. Maybe I'll load it with my old Bill Wightman tapes.


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