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Monday, April 30, 2012

Buying Your House Over

This was property tax day in Rome. With city and county, it adds up to somethign like 5% of a home's assesed value. In 20 years, you buy your house again. usually, we call it a mortgage.

Especialy in states with no property taxes.


  • At August 17, 2012 11:28 AM, Blogger gigee said…

    I am a small businessperson in the city of Rome. I have a two-unit property. I have had to have a tenant vacate and they vacated voluntarily, however in the last days of there tenancy against my knowledge or will they sublet to another family. This family never applied for a rental application or received a lease. I called the Rome police department to have them removed for trespassing. Instead of the police department enforcing the law regarding trespassing I was told a song and dance as this was to be considered a civil matter. This first police officer was very socially conscience .However another police officer told me it was trespassing .He also informed me that here was nothing he could about the matter. This is an example of the Rome police department. Clearly, a very effective and highly professional police department where you have law and social justice side by side .I then proceed to spend money to rectify the matter in civil court. I find out that the procedure for paperwork is different from any other town in Oneida County. Amazingly the judge was more concerned with his paperwork than he was with trespassing squanders not paying rents whilst collecting SSD and SSI payments from the Federal government .The judge did not give me a continuance or allow me to correct he paperwork .He dismissed the case and I had to start from day one all over again . Incurring the expense of a marshal, filing paperwork as well as the loss of another month’s rent .I is beginning to wonder if my civil rights have been violated egregiously. I am seriously considering hiring a civil rights lawyer to sue the city as well as the police department for dereliction of duty to remove trespassers. Yours truly gigee


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