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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Breaking Bath

In the famous Blue Boy episode of Dragnet, Friday and Gannon had to deal with drug addicts having bad trips without the power of law to stop its use. LSD was once in the place "bath salts" are today. It seems like Central New York is ground zero for the current outbreak of users.

I wondered why someone would want to take a drug that leaves them naked, arrested by the cops and possibly eating a dog. It's the same reason anyone takes crystal meth, the quick, cheap high and damn the consequences. Then the process is glorified by a series where capitalism is perverted to show a chemistry teacher can make a better drug and become a kingpin.

Well, meth is just crushed up cold medicine for the most part, and people don't really care about the quality of their drugs, just the knock you on your ass effects. At this point, I'd say to legalize drugs with one caveat. If you get caught using them, you don't go to jail, you lose your right to vote. Obviously, you have a problem with wise decisions. If you want to drop out, then really drop out.


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