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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Here Comes the Taxman

Just when you think the Republicans in NY are as bad as the Democrats, this post reminds us that there is more government could be doing to you. Take Back Your Income, er, Take back the 24th wants to tell us dumb OC residents why 9.5% sales tax (or 9.75% back before the state itself decided it was taxing us too much) is such a benefit.

This case is about an Oneida County resident who posted that they were sick of sales taxes and bought a TV for $300 less online. The blogger, 24 Democrat, starts out by criticizing the poster for being anonymous and lacking courage. This pretty much sets the stage. I don't allow anonymous comments because it could be ten random people or one person who posts constantly. However, 24D wants the democracy of any random surfer having the ability to post. Then he uses anonymity as a sign of cowardice. Basically, you're free to post but you will be looked down upon for doing it anonymously.

From the article:

The plain mathematical fact is that you can't blame a $300 difference in price on a ten percent sales tax... unless... you're paying $3,000 for a television set.

The blogger in the comments section goes from $3000 to $1000 to $2000 as the
price for this set. Considering the internet, it could be anywhere from
$200-$5000. Is the savings in taxes? If it is, then the poster will commit tax
fraud. NYS requires that you report all items paid online without sales tax
calculated in. So, lets assume that this person got a $300 lower price and that
he will pay the $20-$500 in sales tax at the end of the year. That boils the
argument down from class warfare to local support.

Why could an online warehouse have a $300 lower price on a television set? Fewer workers, and fewer locations to maintain... meaning less support for economy... meaning more people looking for work and lower wages.
Less locations and fewer workers used to mean more productivity. Now that every TV is manufactured in China, (because of years of high wages and many locations to maintain) I guess all we can hope for is paying the sales commission of the guy at the electronics store who took the bait and switch seminar.

Lack of local economic infrastructure is hurting us far more than a tax hike of a few hundred dollars per year ever could. Our kids are moving away because they can't get work here, and our communities are getting more and more of that desperate look of places that have been left behind.

Ah, but the Wal-Mart stores still glow on the edge of town, and are happy to send our cash off to Arkansas. And that Paris Hilton Inheritance Tax Break? It's not keeping money in our district, but we'll all be paying for it later, with interest.
People are moving away because of the taxes. Property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes are all the highest in the country. Most states don't have an income tax. Some don't have sales tax. We have all three. And that Paris Hilton tax? It's keeping local businesses from passing to the next generation. Not that any kid wants to take over a business where taxes have tripled in a generation.

Before 24D decries the patronage of the big box stores, he should be aware that over 1000 jobs in the county are from distribution centers for Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid and Family Dollar. They also pay considerably better than the local businesses that won't be giving out raises until the minimum wage goes up to $7.15 next year.

Ultimately, this is why taxation doesn't work. It makes products more expensive. People in Buffalo shop in or move to PA. People at the edge of Oneida County shop at the Wal-Mart in Madison Co. And 24 Democrat lives two counties away from OC. Maybe he can come here and pay our glorious sales taxes.


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