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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Coming Tomorrow to a City Near You

In a world where people from one country come to another country to do the jobs that people from country number one won't do, imagine what would happen if people from country number two were not in country number one.

The Council of La Raza presents...

The Day Without an Immigrant

(A man walks out of his home and looks at his lawn. He looks along the street. There's no one there. No gardeners anywhere. He falls to his knees.)

Man: Nooo! Who will cut my grass?

(a neighbor boy walks buy with a lawnmower.)

Boy: Hey mister, I'll cut your grass for ten dollars.

Man: That's less than my guy. Deal!

(Meanwhile, at an upper class suburban home)

Woman: There's no one here to take care of my kids. They'll be crushed. Dylan and Jennifer have only known my housekeeper. They see her more than they see me. My God, maybe I should cut back my hours at work.

(Two ranchers talk in the Southwest.)

Rancher 1: i didn't have to clean up any trash or urine or bullets from my southern fence today.

Rancher 2: Me neither. And no gunshots last night.

Rancher 1: It's a good day.

(In the middle of a rally in NYC.)

Speaker: We have a right to come and go as we please! We do all the dirty work the lower class never asked us to do! We take care of the kids of spoiled rich people and we pick the produce for those organic food stores!

(Crowd cheers as a man comes foward.)

My name is Alfredo Garcia and I was born in this great country.

(scattered applause)

And I'm with the INS. You're surround. We have the DEA here too, since there's been so little drug traffic today.

(The crowd tries to run. And finally...)

Activist: Yes, this is La Raza. Yes, we have representitives at all of the major rallies. Well, of course some staff is here to co-ordinate. Listen, you can say I'm "working" on this protest day if you want. I am not a hypocrite, you right-wing bastard!

The Day Without an Immigrant
Rated MS-13


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