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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Solution to High Gas Prices

Sick of paying $80 for a tank of gas? Are you offended by $3 at the pump? Well, worry no more. I have a quick and easy solution.

1. Change to the metric system. When we buy gas by the liter, the price drops by 74%. Now, you can go to the gas station and see a much more pleasant $0.75 per liter.

2. Force all automakers to make gas tanks no larger than 10 gallons, er, 40 liters. Vehicles on the road will have ping pong balls inserted into the tank until it can only hold 40 liters. Now, instead of "I had to spend $80 on a tank of gas!" we have "Wow, it only cost me $25 to fill my tank! I have to fill it every day, though."

At the very least, Hummer drivers will now have to drive from gas station to gas station to get anywhere.


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