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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Keeler Show?

When I first drive 30 minutes to school or work, I usually went from Imus in the Morning to Howard Stern. There was a while there where I played a mix tape on the drive in. That was before iPods, kids. Stern has been gone for many years now and I'm not paying for a satellite radio to get it back.

Imus is different. Station 92.7, after taking him back after the basketball incident, still dropped him after 15 years so they could play Keeler in the morning. They dropped Keeler, but Imus was still shut out. Whatever it is about AM 1420, I can't tune the station in for anything.

After replacing Bill Wightman, another favorite back in the 80's, I again have to listen to Bill Keeler soil the airwaves after he moved from an internet show in his basement back to radio, namely WIBX 950. What's worse is that he's created two national news events this year.

One wasn't as big of a deal. During an interview with Ted Nugent, he apparently said something about Megyn Kelly that got picked up by Comedy Central's At Midnight. The famous just kept on, however, in a recent interview with Richard Hanna over a statement by Kevin McCarthy that the Benghazi hearings had the effect of lowering Hillary Clinton's poll numbers.

Any idiot knew that McCarthy was speaking of the fact that the information revealed during the hearings hurt Clinton's popularity. The media instead interpreted that the hearings were created solely to damage Clinton. Hanna, the pro-abortion, anti-Republican Platform RINO, agrees with the media. He told Keeler that he thought the hearings existed only to damage Clinton and everyone knows it.

That was just fantastic. My least favorite radio host getting famous off the worst Republican in Congress. I swear I will vote for whomever runs against Hanna in the next election, and that includes Democrats.


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