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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Future of Fast Food

Whenever I talked about increasing minimum wage, I would mention the sign spinner at Little Caesar's. This person would either be in an animated Caesar costume or street clothes showing off the deals of the day. I always figured it was something to do, either part time or when things were slow instead of sending them home. An increase in minimum wage would not make that job cost effective.

Then I saw a very thin blond turning the sign.

Upon closer inspection, it was a mannequin with a motor turning a sign that looked realistic from the street. She earns no wage, has no worker rights and only costs the price of electricity, plus the cost of parts and labor.

I have no idea if wage increases, Obamacare or some other business cost led to this. I do know that their pizza went from $5 to $6 a few months ago and it probably didn't help sales. At least there's all day advertising.


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