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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Deep Freeze

There tends to be an ebb and flow to the severity of Upstate NY winter. While it is entirely possible to have both snowfall and arctic temperatures, precipitation in the extreme cold is usually a couple of powdery inches while lake effect can be a couple of feet of heavy, wet, packing snow. Most of the snow came early in the month, followed by temperatures so low that it never had a chance to melt.

So far, February looks to be seasonable, with regular snow and temperatures in at least positive double digits. This is already a fairly bad winter, as my utility bill will attest. Next month will determine if it is a terrible winter. The one consolation is that the rest of the country has seen their average temperatures fall 30 degrees. Except for California, which is set for a severe drought this summer. At least we don't have much experience with that.


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