Rome, NY Sucks

But At Least We're Not Utica

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Decade of Blogging

One crappy winter between what I thought was a semi-permanent temp job (that didn't even last until Christmas) and the job I ended up holding for 9 years and counting, I created this blog. Blogging was the early version of "social media." This blog is older than YouTube and Twitter.

That's not to say this blog hasn't been nearly out for the count. Problems with Internet Explorer (I now use a version of Chrome) and another blog where I write about politics have made this blog more dormant than I wold have liked.

I'm a sentimental person at heart, and the fact that this blog has been around before I had a "real job, before my mother was sick and before I had any idea if I could even strike out on my own means something.

The first day of the blog, I wrote about the end of Gillete's Supermarket. That was followed by the end of Jim Gillette and the razing of the building for an Oneida Savings Bank. The Copycat snack stand was sold and it now Samz Eats and Sweets with substantially the same menu. I also wrote about the bitter cold and massive snowfall that month. It's been cold, but not quite as snowy. After a decade, so much for global "warming." The climate hasn't changed much at all.

Does Rome, NY still suck? Unfortunately, it does. So does most of New York State. Except for the hospital, this city is, however, about as good as anywhere else nearby. I have passed up McDonalds and Subway for local fare like Mazzaferro's and The Garage. Stay or move on. For now, I'm staying.


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