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Thursday, October 18, 2007

We Report, We Decide

Hazelton, PA attempted to pass legislation making it illegal to rent to or otherwise trun a blind eye to illegal immigrants. The law has been repeatedly struck down due to courts who refuse to accept that illegal immigrants are not legally here. And now, the town has a new opponent - Utica's own John Zogby. Ironically, Zogby is known for Republican friendly and usually acccurate polling. In this case, he produced a report about the future of the city with an Olbermann-esque special comment advocating for the ouster of the mayor (who won both party's primaries) for his policies on immigration.

First, Spitzer decides to let anyone have a driver license and now an important New York pollster is pusing for illegal immigration. In reality, the first candidate who proposes a sane border protection policy is going to receive a groundswell of support. I know that reports are to the contrary, but every poll shows that Americans want to have secure borders and remedies to criminal illegal activity.

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  • At October 18, 2007 9:02 AM, Blogger Mrs Mecomber said…

    I've taken Zogby's polls and I find it hard to believe that he has "Republican" leanings. ? I also don't think the polls are very accurate: there's no room in questions for thinking people. For example, one question asked (I paraphrase a little), "Do you believe that in 10 years the Inernet will be: a)smaller and less important, b)bigger and better. Now how can a person answer that? I believe it will be bigger but not better! So I had to put c)refused/not sure. :-P

    As far as illegal immigration-- the people are desperate for somebody to control the disaster. President Bush is derelict of duty because he refuses to enforce our laws and our borders.

    Ever hear of the North American Union, the SPP? Even Congressman Dana Rohrabacher publicly stated that Bush's refusal to enforce our borders is because he is planning that "New World Order" of North American continental "bliss"-- one great big suprastate. This goes further than petty rental rules and farm migrants.

    The problem with illegal activity is more a national sovereignty issue than a criminal issue. The purpose for the continuation of lawbreaking is treasonous-- to eradicate our borders and blend us with Mexico and Canada. Goodbye, Bill of Rights.


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