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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Guess Spitzer is Back from Vacation

Elliot Spitzer plans to make driver licenses available to illegal immigrants with little documentation. All a foreign applicant would need is a foreign passport of possible questionable security. This flies in the face of New York's measure about a decade ago. Under the guise of catching "dead beat" dads, the state required applicants to provide a Social Security Number in what was considered an infringement on people's privacy.

Obviously, as a Democrat, Spitzer is going to try to garner the illegal "vote" by giving them the means to vote, even in the case of an ID requirement to go to the polls. But this may represent something even more cynical. New York has been increasing the term of a license in order to get more money into the budget and to disproportionally punish people who live in the parts of upstate (like Rome) where driving is an absolute requirement to have a job.

Democrats have often criticized Bush for not following 100% of all the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. Guess what? One of the recommendation is to make the driver license more secure. New York will have the distinction of being the biggest of 8 states that allow any jerk with unverifiable documents to have one of the (previously) most secure documets in the country. Is this job one, governor? Because property tax relief hasn't come yet.

This is why I don't vote for Democrats in this state, and why I'll still vote for the sad excuses for Republicans this state offers.

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