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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Jihad Formula

I enjoy the fact that America has so conquered its fear of bin Laden that we are now mocking his dyed facial hair and Bush derangement-inspired rant on the new videotape. When you wage a media campaign against your enemy, be prepared for the enemy to grow bored with your shock tactics.

UBL is considered by many to be something of an evil fop. A Saudi royal who was brainwashed into the Jihad movement and got lucky on one day. Similar to WWI, the enemies of tyranny have to once more give the forces of evil a painful beat-down to keep the peace. In a conflict where the most evil leader on Earth is trying to negotiate us out of Iraq, I'd say we've got him on the run.

And for those who complain that we haven't caught bin Laden, we don't need to yet. Going into Pakistan with a sane leader and disrupting the country would make that country like the way critics describe Iraq. We're better off watching bin Laden continue to plead for relavancy while at the same time eroding it.

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