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Thursday, July 05, 2007

I Didn't Know a Prius Could Do 100

I think everyone who heard the story about Al Gore's son caught by police with various drugs thought the same thing when they heard he was driving the hybrid at 100MPH. I honestly wasn't planning on doing this story as a blog post until I heard the Prius thing. It's a good example of when certain moral messages override others.

First of all, gunning a hybrid that much kills any of its fuel efficiency. In fact, a conventional automobile will do better on fuel going those speeds. It's sort of like those poeple who have hybrid SUVs. They get better milage for the 10 miles the battery can handle before the electricity dies out.

More interestingly, Gore Sr. seemed to get the message through about being responsible with your vehicle purchases. Either that or 1.) he browbeat his kid into buying a hybrid or 2.) he bought the car for his son. One has to worry when the message of saving the Earth eclipses saving your own future.


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