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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Stone Has Turned

It appears that Ray Halbritter has officially reached the bargaining stage of grief in the Casino Tax battle. The Supreme Court has decided the Oneida corporation has to pay taxes on bought land. Ray's last ditch choice of the BIA has kicked the ball back to the state because of the dubios nature of Governor Cuomo's unapproved back room deal that gave us the largest untaxed business in Central New York.

Spitzer has been handed a gift. A new agreement could give the Casino video gambling and produce enough tax revenue to keep Spitzy's promise of lowering property taxes on Day One.

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  • At March 24, 2007 12:48 PM, Blogger Roman Hokie said…

    I think they (the "Nation") needs to backpay all taxes, including all their profit-based and property taxes back to the beginning of time.

    And I'm glad I took $40 from them a few weeks ago on nickel slots... :-) Just doing my part. (and I spent it on childcare during my date with my wife, and on dinner at Legends).


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