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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Back to Taxes

Probably a little late, but I thought I'd get to the insanity that is the Rome School Budget. This year, there is a $1.8 million "shortfall" that will be made up with tax increases (of course) and possible staff reduction (unlikely). This represents a 7.3% hike in spending, not counting the aforementioned deficit. So, it looks like it will actually be a 9.3% increase (or 11.2% if your count the $1.8 million in supplimental funding). It's a far cry from the under 3% increase in the Great Budget of 2005.

Obviously, a large portion of the increase is tied to teacher pay. Through some ridiculous contract negotiation, teachers must be notified of staffing cuts by March 15 or they get paid through next January. Fine, then. We have a $2 million deficit, that's about 30 teachers. Tell them they're fired now. We know for damn sure that pinks slips can be withdrawn anyway. I know there's only 5 candidates for every teaching position in the state, but I think we can deal with any early attrition.

Let's not forget that $72 million bond issue. New meeting March 27.


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