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Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Preview

For those who inexplicably value my input in the election cycle, I thought I'd provide my endorsements on the Rome ballot.

For the most part, I support the Republican line across the board except:

I'd like to see some votes for Tim Julian on the Independence line for 47th district State Senate instead of tax hiker Joe Griffo.

And just a few observations.

*Is it just me, or does that one anti-Arcuri ad have certain pauses that make it sound like Arcuri is a rapist?

*If John Kerry meant to call Bush stupid, then how could he make the kind of speech error that people presume proves Bush is stupid?

*Have you noticed that NY pols have given up on the idea of bringing people into this state and have now focused on luring former NY residents back and tricking young people into staying?

*Hilary Clinton, all but certain to win her Senate seat, is just running ads to brag about an oil company tax that will go to alternative energy investment. How long will it be before the oil companies just invest in alternatives and take the money right back?


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