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Sunday, September 14, 2008

SNL Post Mortem

I decided to turn off MadTV's "So You Think You Can Dance" parody with Bobby Lee playing John McCain pretty badly and switch to Saturday Night Live. The story had been out all day. Barack Obama bowed out of his scheduled appearance and Tina Fey was "likely" to come on. And if Sarah Palin lookalike Fey was on, she was likely to play the governor of Alaska.

In fact she was and she did. In a joint appearance on sexism, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler played the governor and Hillary Clinton. It quickly became apparent that they had seen Bill Maher and were playing Palin as a stewardess. In other words, they liked Hillary, and Sarah was no Hillary.

Tina Fey had originally sung the praises of Hillary being a "bitch," stating that bitches get things done. She even went to far as to say, "bitch is the new black." Palin apparently wasn't quite bitchy enough. This pretty much reveals the point. Hillary was liberal and a woman, a two-fer that was "catnip" for gender ground breakers like Tina Fey.

The irony is that Tina Fey does look like Sarah Palin. They're both attractive and a show like SNL was looking for a writer who could occasionally fill in during scenes that needed more cast. Would Fey have been hired if she looked like Hillary? Who knows. I do know that Fey's impression tended to amplify the differences. She's a little heavier than Palin. Her accent was too Wisconsin by half. Plus, she played her as dumb and oblivious. Who's the one keeping women down now?

Weekend Update continued the abuse with some awful character named "Alaska Pete." Basically, the show defended media bashing (NBC being one of the worst offenders. Funny how that turned out.) They also took it upon themselves to portray the Palin family as white trash with extremely crude allusions to Palin's children and faith.

I'll admit I missed most of SNL. It's really awful. Michael Phelps' wooden performance was almost unnoticeable among the mediocre cast. But I saw the end, and Tina Fey wearing a Cafe-pressed "Leia in '08" shirt. You go ahead and write Princess Leia in, Tina. Don't let reality interfere with your choices.

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