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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Generally, I'd avoid such a hackneyed phrase, but it's a fitting title. My barber has retired. This person has been cutting my hair since my first haircut outside of the home. Being as set in my ways as I am, it's a pretty tough situation.

I've decided that finding another barber would be counterproductive, as most of them are on the verge of retirement as it is. I've had to hear from people about the constantly changing staff of the salons they go to. This will probably be my lot. I'll be heading to shop after shop until I can find a place I'll be able to tolerate.

Do they still sell the Flowbee?


  • At August 13, 2008 11:11 AM, Blogger Not Just Another Malcontent said…

    Hey, man. Yeah, barber shops are going out of style - pun completely intended. Find yourself a cute little stylist and get on with it.

    Finding any service worker (barber, stylist, maid, massage therapist) is challenging. It's gotta be a personal match.

    I just got a new massage therapist because my wife and I went for a couples' massage and she wanted the regular gal. I was relieved at the firm handshake that she extended.

    Beats a little Homedics unit.


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