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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gays Suck

I thought I would move away from my enjoyment of 70s music and move on to more current fare. There's a singer named Katy Perry who has stirred up the listening public and members of the blogitariet with a song called "I Kissed a Girl." After seeing the video on VH-1 I took a little look around the web to see her inspiration for writing the song.

I found a lot of interpretations of her inspiration for writing the song. One near the top of the list was a column at, where if the song were titled "I Kissed Obama and I Liked it" would probably become the new theme song for Hardball. Contributor Tony Sclafani lambastes the content of Perry's music, then grudgingly accepts her right to make it.

Besides bicurious kissing, Perry had previously penned a song titled "Ur So Gay" about an ex-boyfriend who was so pretty and emotional it was hard to believe he didn't date guys. These songs go to an annoying part of the gay community, whiny victim mentality. Basically, homosexuals are a repressed minority, and these songs perpetuate a series of stereotypes about gays and lesbians not reflective of the diverse community of people.

Boo hoo. Comparing gays to other minority groups tends to break down on its face. Namely, you can't tell by someone's face if they're gay, unlike say, by ethnicity. One of the only minority groups not associated by physicality are religious groups. Of course, gay groups are very tolerant of religious differences.


The gotcha point of the criticism is that Perry is a Christian, and recorded a gospel album under the name Katy Hudson (How dare she change her name slightly? I'm sure Reg, er, Elton John would be shocked). Remember, tolerance works best with groups who are well tolerated.

Katy Perry is a 24 year old girl who didn't find out about pop music until the 90s were nearly over. Her look and her stage performance tend to reflect a girl who is being sexual in only a superficial, flirtatious manner. And at her age, the term "gay" is bandied about as much as in the average South park episode. You'll probably hear young adults pepper their language with words like "ghetto" and "retarded" as well. But then, if you're the Black Eyed Peas, you'll just change the name of the song to "Let's Get it Started." If I were her, I'd be more afraid of the Chapstick people going after her.

I personally think the song is fun and catchy. Have you heard music from politically active gay musicians? Most of it sucks.

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  • At December 17, 2009 8:24 PM, Blogger Mikhail Silverwood said…

    Katie Perry's song is homophobic and sexist and heterosexist.
    I cannot stand the song because of it's hideous messages.

    She has a boyfriend, but she's willing to experiment kissing with girls.
    This reinforces the sexist myth that all men dream about having a threesome with two women... this reinforces the social conformity that women sexual experimentation is acceptable, but men is not.

    She's kissing a girl, but she's not in love.
    This reinforces the homophobic myth that there is no emotional connection between same-sex people, only sexual.


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