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Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight Takings Time

So, here we are in Year 2 of the "improved" version of Daylight Savings time. By springing forward, every sap who has a job earlier than 9 to 5 is plunged back into darkness for another month. Why? So that 9 to 5ers can drive home in slightly sunnier conditions? Anyone who works on both sides of the noon hour (8 to 4ish) gets screwed on both ends in winter. Plus, anyone who goes to school. In December it means driving to and from work in darkness, especially when you can't find a job in Rome.

With the change in DST, we are "ahead" for 8 months and "back" for 4. At that point we might as well stay one hour ahead forever. Falling back just means a dark ride home, since sunrise is too far away to make a difference by November.


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