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Friday, September 05, 2008

Chivalry Ain't Dead

I think the PUMAs are the most objective political presence in this election cycle. Sure, they supported Hillary Clinton, but they were able to break out of party shackles and objectively see that Obama points their party in the wrong direction.

One interesting observation is their surprise at how Democratic party leaders allowed Hillary to be maligned while the Republican party stood by Sarah Palin, even in her darkest hour. Some of those attacks against Hillary were harsh and frequently sexist. Such as Obama's comment about Hillary and "periodic" rage.

Of course, one can argue that this is not the same thing, but I happen to believe the Republicans, or more correctly, conservatives still believe a little bit more in chivalry. Much has been made of Christianity and its demands that women submit to their husbands, but not much is made of the fact that men are told that their families are more important than themselves.

In a liberal world, men and women are equal. Boys should play house and girls should play with trucks. Actually, they should probably be making their own compost pile, but I digress. Obama has turned to saying that Sarah is tough enough to be treated like a man.

Of course, she is not treated like a man. Obama is a weekend parent, but Palin is criticized for having a child and daring to run for president. She is cited for her appearance. Anderson Cooper talked about her manicured nails last night.

There is also the "style over substance" issue. Because Palin is young and attractive, her experience is judged more harshly as a vice presidential candidate than the Democratic presidential candidate. The claim is that she was picked for shallow reasons. Obama was given a speaking position in 2004 because he was one of a very few Democrats poised to win a toss-up seat. A seat he won, to a great extent, because his Republican opponent dropped out months before the election. Not exactly the qualification for a president.

I don't think most Democrats hate women. I do think that the liberal wing of the party has decided to "look past" gender in such a way that they have no qualms about using deeply personal sexist attacks because they "work." Well, in the Republican party, men are men and women are women. And those men love their women.

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