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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August Roundup

10 years since Woodstock 99 and 40 years since that other one. Everyone remembers the anarchy and price gouging, no one remembers the city where it was held. Good for us, I guess.

Governor Paterson is really letting the state have it now that he's a dead duck (lame doesn't even cover it). First, the media is racist according to him. They're stupid, they're starstruck by Obama. I'm not sure how racist they are. Then, there is the $200 for every kid who's parent has an EBT card. It ended up being a Playstation stimulus plan.

And the Oneida Nation. Paterson will not try to collect the taxes on tobacco products the state is supposed to be using for, well, something. I might be more infuriated if I were surprised. I think of New York as France now and Halbritter is like an Imam.

Oh, and there's a New Hartford manufacturer moving to China. Guess which one.


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