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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Breaking News : Alaska Democrats Incompetent

So, the verdict has come down on Tazergate. An investigation launched by Sarah Palin's Democrat political enemies and Republican political opponents before her selection as John McCain's running mate has reached a conclusion. Governor Palin did nothing wrong. Now, you may be confused. If she did nothing wrong, why was there a news headline that said she abused her power as Governor? Basically, this panel can make any determination they want. However, they have nothing they could legally sanction her for.

What happened? Well, the conspiracy theory is that Palin pressured her Commissioner of Public Safety to fire her tazer-happy ex-brother in law. That would be bad. The other possibility is that his public disagreements with Palin's attempts to curb the state budget made him a distraction. Given that she has the complete right to let him go, either one is acceptable. The second one, however makes her a reformer. The first one makes her the status quo. The investigation itself makes her a maverick because it was a bipartisan attack.

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