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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Snow Removal: Week One

Not learning from Wednesday's poor performance, Rome's DPW continued the trend Friday, drawing the attention of the Daily Sentinel. Waters and Co. most likely noticed because it affected the schools, which are quickly heading toward make-up days in July this year. Basically, major roads like Erie Blvd, Black River Blvd. and roads connecting to James Street were not plowed by the 8am deadline to close school.

DPW Commisioner Frank Tallarino thought that maybe the crews should have come in earlier. Then he proceeded to complain about cars on the roads. Well, most of Erie and Black River Boulevards don't have street parking. The further claim that early plowing would have just been followed by additional accumulation later is just asinine. First of all, two inches on the ground is a lot better than four. Secondly, some people actually have to go to work at 7am or even, gasp, 6am.

I'd feel a lot sorrier for the drivers if they didn't have a preview of this two days before. The worst epilogue to this event was the amound of plowing of dry roads that occured after the storm was over in the afternoon. Plows went by my street three times Friday afternoon, but not once that morning. To top it off, one came by at dawn Saturday with no snow on the road.


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