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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Unemployment Day

After my first experience with the complicated New York Unemployment requirements, I tend to keep track of the points at which I am and am not eligible. While I am still eligible for the current period, the next claim would be for a bigger check.

This week I became eligible after about a month of being ineligible. Temping really plays hell with the NYS quarter system. You can work as little as a month and get it or work sixth months like I did and not get it. For those of you out there applying, just remeber that 20 weeks of work can be used. And keep your pay stubs for at least two years. Don't believe the state's computerized work records system, either. I had benefits delayed about nine months because of that.

Just my luck, when I finally work enough to get UI, I'm at a job that might be around for a while.


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