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Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Huffy-ton Post

I wouldn't give much attention to Arianna Huffington's poser blog, but I had a sentimental reaction to this recent post. Her criticism of Clinton hearkens back to Arainna 1.0 from a decade ago. That was back before she was the darling of the Air America crowd, tooling around in a hybrid worth 10 times as much as my car and running for governor of California.

In 1994, she was railing against Clinton as the worst president in history and pushing her bisexual husband into a senate position he was unprepared and underfunded for. As the Clinton era waned, she took to criticizing Gore's alpha-male makeover. In the last few years, Bush has been the target of her sniping.

This week, however, she has run into a quandry. Is the friend of your enemy your friend, especially if he used to be your enemy? These days she stays away from insulting Clinton, the sacred cow of her new liberal pals. She even came close to calling him smart. Mostly she paints Clinton as an opportunist who seeks power for its own sake. Any day now she'll be making a call to the kettle.

Just remember, if you're worried about Bush's performance in Iraq and during the flooding, maybe you should be. If you're worried about the liberal blogosphere kicking the Republicans out in 06, don't. The Huffington Post is the second most popular left-wing blog.


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