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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Trump is a Dirtbag

I wish someone on the Apprentice would say it. Tonight, The Dullard said that he wouldn't have bothered to apologize to some workers who were expecting a delivery, instead focusing on the money grubbing of the task at hand. This is prety standard for Trump. He's declared bankruptcy a number of times, never apologizing to the taxpayers he screws over. He doesn't pay it back, either.

Now, being a minor celebrity, (he's done TV for years, including an episode of the syndicated Nightman) there are many people willing to defend him. I'm also sure the corporate shark types would argue he has created more economic growth than the cost of those defaulted loans. Of course, Trump himself blames it on his team members, er, fellow investors. I would say that he should show some respect for the kind of budgeting real people have to do.

Oh, and Donald, get me a pizza, you meatball.


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