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Friday, March 25, 2005

School Meeting - Part 2

The Rome Sentinel printed a larger article than the Observer-Dispatch, but failed to republish it on their below average website. The paper mentioned there were only 6 speakers, for a total of one half hour under their 5 minutes per speaker rule. The Sentinel seemed to spend a good deal of space cutting up people's statements and explaining them in the reporter's words.

The paper cast it as more of a two sided argument. One person wanted to keep sports, another thought eliminating positions would be detramental. Thomas Gallagher responded to the questions, but most answers seemed to consist of 'I'll look into that.'

Of course, there is still the matter of a $1.2 million deficit, pending the union negotiations. This concerns me greatly, since the school board has a lot of trouble saying no. If those 50 teacher layoffs had gone through last year, there would be no deficit this year.

Anyway, the next public budget meeting is April 6 at Ridge Mills school on Black River Blvd. There's a final public meeting May 4.


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