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Friday, February 04, 2005

Rome's tax cuts for the rich

In another bold move to shift the property tax burden on to a smaller population, Mayor Jim Brown and various local stooges have created a plan that will reduce property taxes on new home builders. I think we all know who builds new homes. That's right, rich people. I don't care what your excuse is, if you make more than 50K in this town, you have some bucks. And now you can build your dream home with an average tax break of 27.5% per year for a decade. This shold work out well for Mayor Brown, who became a permanent resident of Rome when he got his job. I mean the mayor job where's he required to live here, not the Price Chopper one where he was willing to commute to avoid Rome's crushing taxes.

I look forward to the next proposal. How about a 1000% tax increase on homeowners who recently lost their jobs? Maybe you could double taxes on homeowners who aren't 60 and don't have any kids at home. Rome could have a new slogan: The city of cradles graves and mansions.


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