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Monday, January 24, 2005

New York vs. Florida

I'll admit it early on. Knowing how much I hate Rome and New York in general, my favorite alternate is the state of Florida. That's the snowbird response, of course, but I prefer Florida's tax situation as much as its superior climate. I thought this weekend I'd provide an example of people who 'love' NY who actually don't.

Because of the favorable property situation, a number of celebrities own a house in Florida and make it their primary residence. These people often have houses in many other cities as well. Donald Trump has a massive estate at Maralaggo (or however it's spelled). As much as he claims that he loves NYC's real estate market, the fact is that it's good for him because housing is so damn expensive in the city. Once he makes his urban money, however, the Donald jets down to Florida to be married.

I implore you, Donald. Admit that you hate NY. Tell Pataki and Bloomberg and Spitzer that the high-tax, low-opportunity environment stifles new business and encourages illegal labor. Tell them that only the super rich can do well by jacking up real estate. Explain that this state should have lower taxes to defray the cost of lousy weather and outrageous heating bills. Extol the virtues of market economics that encourage business instead of suing it into oblivion.

Oh hell, just make me your new apprentice.


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