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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Real liberals have more money

Much like the NYC vs. Upstate argument, an analysis was produced showing that "blue" states that voted for Kerry pay more federal taxes compared to budget money that goes back in. The "red" states benefit from federal money while paying little in taxes.

This is basically a new take on 'liberals held hostage in Jesusland' complaint. The last time voting power was based on assets, slaves were counted as a nonvoting population. It would be funny to see liberals do anything about this, since most of the time complaining takes the place of action

Ironically, blue staters have more money in dollar terms than red staters. They have to. There is a pretty clear correlation between population density and political affiliation. The more dense a city is, the more likely the residents are to vote for a Democrat. The other correlation is that the less living space there is, the more expensive real estate becomes. An apartment in NYC is easily 10 times the cost of a comparable unit in a red state. Even the nearby suburbs are inaccessible to someone who doesn't get a salary above the American average.

Red states have low taxes and a lower cost of living. They also have minimum wage jobs that can provide at least partial support. Two people at that level can have basic living expenses covered. That is something blue state America has trouble with. Some people live with less. Blue staters feel that they are living the dream. People not like them need help, they need government money and they should damn well be voting for the Democrats who will provide it

Red staters think they are living the dream. They look at the paycheck in the context of how much they need to live on. The huge salaries in compressed blue state America lead to the large income tax transfers to the federal government. They should consider it their contribution to a country with a progressive income tax. And if they want to win next time, maybe they should ask the Democrats to come up with a message.


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