Rome, NY Sucks

But At Least We're Not Utica

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Mo' More Taxes

The considerably Republican county of Oneida has been allowed to raise the sales tax to a bloated 9.75%. Presumably, it will be used to cover the exploding costs of Medicaid. Somehow the rest of the state has been able to pay for this with rates lower than 98 cents for ever $10. While Utica and surrounding towns were against it, current Rome mayor Jim Brown and former Rome mayor turned county executive Joe Griffo are all for it.

The Medicaid benefit levels in New York are ridiculously high and is an example of another correction that could be made by a New York state freed of liberal Manhattan. Since that won't happen, the solution should lie in red state ideals. Imagine the kind of sales that would occur in a county with the lowest sales tax in the state, especially if it's in 'the center of it all' like Rome, NY. I personally like the idea of taxing doctors and in the county. Hey, if they're going to benefit from that Medicaid money, they might as well subsidize it. Plus, if doctors left the area maybe the lowlifes on publically funded health insurance would leave too.


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