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Monday, October 26, 2009

Two Peas in a Liberal Pod

So close.

Here I am, stuck in the crappy 24th district when all the action is in the 23rd. We're reliving the 1990 Gubernatorial campaign. Doug Hoffman even revived the "two peas in a liberal pod" line from two decades ago.

In a nutshell, the Republican Party of New York decided that the only way to beat Mario Cuomo was to run another Cuomo with a Republican party alliegnce. The Conservative Party was so shut out that they broke with supporting the Republican and fielded their own candidate. Cuomo ended up getting a little over 50% and the other two candidates split the vote.

This year, there is a special election to replace a left-leaning Republican. As few as four party insiders nominated DeDe Scozzafava. She's pro-choice, ACORN endorsed (the Working Families Party) and supports big tax hikes. So, Doug Hoffman entered the race under the Conservative banner.

The Democrat won in 1990, but the consevative movement brought in a move moderate Republican in 1994. Even though people didn't like Pataki at the end of his term, he's better than Paterson and the whore-monger.

I hope this race, win or lose, will lead to a re-alignment of the Republican Party to something that can win in 2010. The disaffected voters are kind of a populist-libertarian blend. It's not an impossible group for the Republicans to win over. It's damn near impossible for the current Democratic party.


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