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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I had 2 posts made up for tonight. One for a win and one for a loss. Either way, it was going to be about PUMAs. The Party Unity, My Ass crowd was the mythical group of Hillary Clinton supporters who were disgruntled enough about her stolen nomination that they were going to take it out on Obama.
That was not the case.

It was an unreliable group, to be sure. Having invested my time reading the PUMA blogs I could see both good signs and bad. Most liked Sarah Palin. Some felt John McCain held out an olive branch to them. There were others, however, that became disillusioned with politics entirely. Instead of McCain or Obama, they voted Hillary, or nothing, or for third party candidates. When it came time to pick Obama or not Obama, they chose not not Obama. And that was the same as voting Obama.

At the end, people fell for the hype. The polls are close. McCain is in the margin of error. There's an unseen groundswell. Others saw the truth. Howard Dean and the DNC bought an election. David Plouffe had to pay $60 million instead of the 40 he said, but he bought Florida. I hope all the people, criminals and Soros' out there who bought America are happy with the purchase.

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