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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Take This to Work

Watching TV today, I was once again reminded of Soccer Moms' favorite made-up holiday: Take Our Daughters (er, and sons now too) To Work Day. This was intended as some sort of preventive to the apparent hordes of women foolishly choosing maternity over modernity. Now it seems like more of an excuse for an office to goof off and a further denigration of the role of primary caregiver.

On occasion I was either 'taken' to work or more likely just chose to go as a kid, usually on summer vacation. Now that's a concept, kids could visit Mom and/or Dad at work when they aren't trying to learn during the school year. On a real visit to work, you get to see the 'rent in action. Now, it's more like a staged event.

If you think about it, how many of these days are a real representation of a parent's actual job? Many are set up like a circus or some kind of multimedia extravaganza. It is the triumph of 'quality time' over real time. Like time spent with your children, the only way a kid experiences something is by regular exposure to it. Next year, let's just tell kids what we did at work instead of dragging them into it.


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