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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Early Spring?

In the midst of the largest snowstorm of the year, it was also Groundhog Day. Generally, the groundhog metaphorically sees his shadow and there are six more weeks of winter. This time, it was so overcast and snowy that if the groundhog made it out, he sure wouldn't go back in.

I've been kind of forced into following WKTV's snowfall totals this season. In Rome we never lost Channel 2. Anyway, we went from well below "normal" in December to well above in January. With the intensity of winter weather, lower temperatures and precipitation, I'm going with the groundhog.

It might be wishful thinking, but there's only so much energy in the world. Physics tends to dictate that all this crap can't be thrown around for another 2 months. Anyway, the global warming believers are already claiming this as proof of faith. Their heads are always stuck in a gopher hole.



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