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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Base Closures: Good for America

I'm about the only person in Rome who is happy about the closures that will likely occur in the Fall. Griffis is gone, and the sooner this town realizes it, the better. The companies and the jobs within them belie the true state of our local economy. A very few people are getting rich while jobs get scarcer and lower paying every year for the rest of us. None of the civilian organizations hired me, instead choosing to further recycle the holdovers with huge pensions that are looking for something to do to alleviate their own boredom.

First of all, the Air Force Lab pays an average salary of about $90,000. I can guarantee most of those people don't live in Rome. Why should they? The property taxes here are outrageous. The most we could hope for is some lunch purchases here. Of course, they could just go 10 minutes away to Utica, which still has a few franchises. Those who do live here are driving up the property vales for those poor souls that make around minimum wage.

The DFAS story is one of necessity. It was created as a payback to Rome for the elimination of the base. There are 23 accounting sections and the DoD wants to reduce it to 4 larger ones. The people who choose to leave will be allowed to do so. If you're dumb enough to stay in Rome when you have a job offer elsewhere, that's up to you.

I like to think of this news as a reality check. The high tech industry in Rome is dying. I can't get any kind of tech job. I guess a Masters degree isn't good enough. I could care less about people who make more than Rome teachers. By the way, the teachers make an average of $55,000, not including the $20,000 in benefits.

I don't write for the people who make twice the median income. I write for the $7.00 an hour wage slave whose crushing city and school taxes are being used to line the pockets of government employees who make three times their salary. The base closures could save $50 billion over the next 20 years. Everyone hates government spending unless they're drinking from the hose. I say cut, Donald Rumsfeld, cut!


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